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株式会社ネットジャパン 個人情報保護方針


当社は、お客様をはじめとする皆様に安心と安全をお届けするために、当該個人情報の保護に適用される法令、ガイドライン 及びその他の規範を遵守するとともに、以下に個人情報保護方針を掲げ、これを確実に実施して参ります。

改訂日:2012年10月 3日
代表取締役社長 蒋 冠成

  1. 個人情報の取得・利用・提供
    個人情報は適切に取得・利用・提供 するものとし、利用目的を明確に定め、目的外利用を阻止する仕組みを講じます。

  2. 個人情報の正確性及び安全性の確保

  3. 業務委託の見直し・改善

  4. 個人情報保護管理体制及び全従業者への周知・徹底

  5. 法令等の遵守
    個人情報の取扱いにおいて、当該個人情報の保護に適用される法令及び関連するガイドライン・ その他の規範を遵守します。

  6. 個人情報保護マネジメントシステムの継続的改善

  7. 個人情報保護方針の改定


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NetJapan, Inc. Personal Information Protection Policy

NetJapan, Inc. (hereinafter,“NetJapan”), a developer and distributor of computer software such as the storage management tools, disaster recovery programs, etc., has gained a high reputation and earned the trust of its customers, including individuals and corporate clients in information system divisions of business organizations. Based on its philosophy that personal information obtained from its customers, employees, and other stakeholders in the course of business activities is a valuable asset, NetJapan recognizes that the top priority in its business operation is to closely protect and appropriately handle personal data.

In order to constantly provide our customers with secure and reliable services, NetJapan abides by the laws, regulations and guidelines pertaining to protection of personal information. NetJapan has established a Personal Information Protection Policy, which it carefully implements.

Established: December 27, 2005
Revised: October 3, 2012
NetJapan, Inc
Jiang, Guan Cheng, President, CEO

  1. Collection, Use and Provision of Personal Data
    NetJapan collects, use and provide personal data only in an appropriate and fair manner. NetJapan identifies the purpose of use of them and takes measures to never use them beyond the intended purpose.

  2. Maintenance of Security and Accuracy of Personal Data
    In order to maintain security and accuracy of personal data, NetJapan deploys security measures, strives to prevent illegal access or loss, destruction, falsification and leakage of personal data, and takes corrective measures.

  3. Review and Improvement of Subcontracted Work
    Regarding subcontracted work, NetJapan reviews and improves subcontracted work so that protection of personal information should be undoubtedly ensured. When drafting a subcontract agreement, the subcontractor’s obligation to observe Act on the Protection of Personal Information must be included. Also, NetJapan takes all necessary measures to manage and supervise such subcontractors for protection of personal information.

  4. Establishment of Management Framework for Personal Information Protection and keeping all officers and employees familiar with the framework
    NetJapan has established the Personal Information Security Officer who assumes the clearly defined responsibility of protecting personal information. NetJapan also deploys a management framework for practicing activities in relation to personal information protection and continuously takes corrective measures.
    NetJapan keeps all officers, employees, and other staff members familiar with the management framework for practicing activities in relation to personal information protection.

  5. Observation of Personal Information Protection Law
    In handling personal data, NetJapan abides by the laws, regulations and guidelines pertaining to protection of personal information.

  6. Continual Improvement of Personal Information Security Management System
    NetJapan established Personal Information Security Management System which NetJapan steadily implements, maintains and continually improves to protect and appropriately use personal data.

  7. Revision of Personal Information Protection Policy
    NetJapan may revise the Personal Information Protection Policy and provides information on important changes on this website.

* “Personal Information Security Management System”
Personal Information Security Management System is a comprehensive management structure designed to protect personal information, including establishment of Personal Information Protection Policy, planning, deployment, implementation, examination and review of a management framework for practicing activities in relation to personal information protection.

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